Thursday 14 May 2009

Painful Payback Time For Trough PIgs

"Of Course I'm Sorry, And I'll Be Even Sorrier If I Have To Pay It Back!"

Paying back the proceeds of crime doesn't mean that criminals escape being prosecuted, and I sincerely hope that there is no let of for our disgraced politicians who can be proved to have commited fraud and theft, rather than just taking advantage of a lax system.

So I am fairly cool with Cameron coughing up for the one maintenance bill of £680, or even with Chris Huhne's trouser press. Elliot Morley's "inadvertent" and ongoing despite queries from the fees office claiming for an already paid off mortgage is in a different category.

What is also going to be fun is watching the likes of Banana Millipede and Badger Darling being forced by Mad Harriet's Court Of Public Opinion into following the example of their colleague Phil "No" Hope into paying back what they claimed that might be considered excessive or dodgy.

I expect it will be painful for these Champagne Socialists.

The Penguin

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Anonymous said...

He can take that banana, shove it up Gordon's arse and then down his throat.