Thursday 14 May 2009

Is This For Real? Local Government Ombudsman Forced To Investigate Why Canterbury Is Not Gay Enough?

What is the country coming to?

Some Poof Pressure Group is upset because Canterbury has no gay bar. The nearest is apparently in Margate, and so there is no where in the ancient city for would be bum chums to gather and display "LBGT culture". Their complaint to the City Council got them nowhere apart from £4,000 of ratepayers' money, so now they have complained to the Local Government Ombudsman.

Never mind a fucking gay bar, bring back the stocks!

I don't give a toss what consenting adults want to get up to, but when they think they have a right to my fucking money to help them promote perversion, they can fuck right off.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

Why can't the country just learn to say NO? Every other country does it so why do this government keep bending over and taking it right up a***?

If the gay community want a fucking bar, then one of them should go into fucking business, and launch one. For fuck sake!!

Paul said...

I don't have anything against gay people. Or blacks. Or Vietnamese. Or anyone in particular - I hate everyone equally. ;-)

If there's a market for a gay bar in Canterbury, why don't they pay to set one up out of their own cash?

One suspects that these are probably politically correct socialist stooges claiming to speak for gays while sucking on the taxpayer's tit.

Earthlet Nigel said...

O/T but just sent to my MP

Dear Francis Maude,

I should very much like to know;

1. How many members of Horsham District Council receive remuneration a) of £65,000 or more, b) £142.000 or more.

2. How much is currently outstanding in interest free loans to employees of the District Council.

3. Why is Horsham District Council registered as a Corporation at the Dun & Bradstreet website?

I look forward to hearing your reply

Yours sincerely,

microdave said...

I take it you aren't intending to become a foster parent then? Here's more unbelievable crap from the Righteous:

panavia999 said...

Well.. I'm 30 miles from San Francisco. We got gays all over. This really makes no sense, except they are trying to get public funds under any pretense. If there is no gay themed business, then there is no market for it. Open a Gay Chamber of Commerce and bring it in.

panavia999 said...

I read Microdve's link and this caught my attention:
"Couples who wish to adopt are often rejected because social workers consider them too old or overweight, or because they smoke.
Some have even been judged to be 'too middle class'." I imagine a recovering drug addict would not be rejected - it might be discrimination against a junkie. And how can you be "too middle class." Yes, the bureaucrats are on a power binge and the children pay. And in the end adoptions are down!