Tuesday 19 May 2009

Brown By Name, Brown By Nature. Like A Turd.

Nick "Uphill Farmer" Brown, NuLiebore Chief Whip has to try and discipline the pigs. Tricky, one might think, when over a 4 year period he claimed £18,800 for food himself.

"I am working flat out for the people I represent and the politics that I believe in. My regular pattern for work is to travel to the constituency on Thursday nights, and spend Friday on constituency business or in my role as minister for the region.

"I meet constituents and attend constituency events on Saturday. I travel back to London [usually by train] on Sunday and am at work Monday morning, right through until the house rises. Given the context, I do not think this is unreasonable, it reflects the real costs incurred."

Brown insisted that it was right for him to claim for food while the Commons was not sitting. "I spend the recess in my second home, working in my constituency."

So, lets work this out. He's in his constituency sty 3 nights a week, plus all the holidays - lets assume that's a third of the year on holiday, 121 days, and 104 weekend days. 225 days a year for 4 years is 900 days. That's £21 a day he claims for food.

No wonder he's a fat cunt.

The Penguin

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