Sunday 17 May 2009

Inspector Knacker Wakes Up And Smells The Stench!

"That's Alright, Little Girl, We'll Soon String Them All Up On Lamp Posts!"

After years of cosying up to the NuLiebore Project, it seems that Inspector Knacker has suddenly woken up and noticed that there was a stench as of something rotting under the floorboards.

Now, led by the Unspeakable Nutter From North Wales, they have realised that the days of ZNL are nearly gone, and that there is likely to be a change of government soon - and that they through their actions have rather upset the likely new incumbents. Damien Green, anyone?

Hence the frenzied waving of Commissar Brunstrom's truncheon.

He said: "We cannot forgive the temerity of people who steal from the public purse and then have the gall to believe that if they hand it back, that makes it all right.

They have no respect for the process and these revelations, I believe, warrant criminal investigation.

The contempt being shown to the public by MPs beggars belief and I am thinking of asking the editor of The Daily Telegraph if he has any evidence of law-breaking involving any MPs in North Wales.

There has been talk of funding private prosecutions and bloody well right, too.

There is going to be blood. This is an issue of such magnitude and public importance that the police should be taking a positive interest in what is emerging."

Of course, protecting his interests as a shareholder and executive director of ACPO Limited is also very close to his wizened black heart.

The Penguin

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Van Helsing said...

Looks like he's already got his hands on Beckett.