Friday 15 May 2009

Now Resign As An MP And Let Your Constituents Decide!

Top trougher Shahid "Oooh, My Back!" Malik has resigned as Justice Minister over misuse of his expenses or his position.

Now he needs to resign as MP for Dewsbury, that delightful home to Sharon Matthews, and see if his constituents believe he is fit to represent them in Parliament.

The Penguin


Goodnight Vienna said...

It seems to be a bit of a 'closed shop' up there so he'd probably be re-elected. The vast majority of troughers should be de-selected by their local constituency party and kicked out.

Oldrightie said...

And it's "Goodnight" from me, too!

Paul said...

Mr. Massage Chair had a majority of about 4,615 at the last election. The Tory is Sayeeda Warsi. It's very strongly BNP there too.