Thursday 14 May 2009

Poor Elliot Morley, Early Onset Alzheimers Case?

An ugly fat porker. With a pig and some woman.

It's sad how there are enormous but patchy black holes in some of our politicians' memories. Perhaps it's an excess of aluminium in the water supplied to the Houses of Parliament, or an over exposure to taxpayer subsidised first growth claret in its many bars, or maybe it's a symptom of swine fever?

I mean, take dear Elliot "Pig Face" Morley as an example. Here's a fine upstanding Nuliebore Minister, working all night and day to sell out our farmers and fishermen to the EUSSR, slaving away to ensure he has the most troughing rights he can possibly get. And the poor chap is suddenly afflicted with the most terrible memory lapses. He's already forgotten that he owes a duty to the electorate, or to the nation, and then it gets worse.

He forgets that he's paid off his mortgage, even though he has made sure to register with Land Registry that he now owns his country pile outright. The he forgets that his London property is being rented out to his pal, and charges for mortgage interest on that as well as trousering the rent.

Luckily it all comes flooding back to him when he is asked by journalists.

A miracle of modern science. Almost as convincing as Ernest Saunders recovery once released from prison.

The Penguin


Umbongo said...

In this extraordinarily favourable profile of the Commons' favourite porker the BBC tells us that Morley "became chairman of the Energy and Climate Change Committee in January 2009" and is apparently an all-round good egg (he hates furriers and is a former council member of the RSPB). Proof, if needed, that even if you're a crook as long as you're sound on climate change and the "environment" (and not a Conservative) the BBC will take a sympathetic view of your thievery.

ER2 said...

One wonders who paid this person to support the Common Fisheries Policy and the Common Agriculture Policy, one does.
One also wonders what offshore bank the fucking crook banks with, one does.

panavia999 said...

Again, you've compared a lovely pig to a trough licking politician. Poor pig. But I can't think of an alternative metaphor. Oh, well. Keep up the good work.