Monday 18 May 2009

You Are Paying For It, Why Not Have A Look Round?

According to the Mail, this photograph is of the house in Stoke Newington which the Balls claim is their second home, enabling them to load all of ths costs of ownership and living there onto the taxpayer. It is apparently where they need to gobble £600 a month of food paid for by the taxpayer. This despite a combined basic salary in excess of £300,000.

Even ignoring the "mistakes" in trying to overclaim, they live very high on the hog indeed.

Personally, if I lived close enough I think I'd be inclined to pop round to Chez Balls and demand to see what my money was being spent on. I might even insist on having a dump in their toilet, and use some of the toilet paper I've paid for to wipe my arse.

The Penguin

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