Monday 21 November 2011

Progress Report

A funeral fit for a pikey prince

Official Progess Report by The Commissar and The Chief Stooge
Into the Whitewash Cover Up Over The Perfectly Reasonable
Shooting Of Some Black Gangster.

We note that there has been some criticism of the way that our whitewash is progressing and would like to point out that it is of no help what so ever in making comments until our whitewash is complete and everyone has forgotten what the fuck is was all about. Just move along, nothing to see here, and the X-Factor is about to start, you would want to miss that now would you?

The Penguin

Saturday 19 November 2011

Grow A Spine, Dave!

For Fuck's Sake, Dave, just tell the frumpy bitch to fuck the fuck off.

Put it in terms the cow can understand - they go for a Tobin Tax, Britain leaves the EUSSR. Immediately, non-negotiable. This will save us BILLIONS every fucking week. Not to mention the benefits for our farmers and fishermen.

And don't tell us that the Germans will refuse to sell us cars and dishwashers - and even if they did, there are other options.

So grow a spine and get popular in your own country!

The Penguin

Friday 11 November 2011

That's It - The Frogs Are Doomed!!!

The Curse Of Jonah has descended upon the cheese-eating surrender monkeys.

After being close to invisible for months, Gordoom McDoom has suddenly stepped out of the shadows and pronounced that France is next down the shitter of the Eurozone Economic Miracle.

They have no chance.

What a pity.

The Penguin