Saturday 16 May 2009

Another Phantom Mortage.

Every Little Helps - Bury MP David Chaytor Steals The Raffle Prize From The Social Club

David Chaytor (is it pronounced CHEATER?) got so mixed up between the 5 different properties he was claiming were his second home in 4 years that he "forgot" that he'd paid the mortgage of on the Westminster flat he then claimed another £13,000 of taxpayers' money for.

Of course, it was all an honest mistake and he'll pay the money back as soon as he gets back to Briatin from an all expenses paid jaunt to New York to investigate the new Bob Dylan album.

I expect that voters in Bury will completely forgive him, after all, many of them will easily have forgotten paying off their mortgages and will have £13,000 to hand to cough up in the event of any little misunderstanding.

The Penguin


Unknown said...

Imagine this scenario at work if it was an ordinary person (or bear in this case):

Company: Ms Bear, you appear to have claimed expenses twice on the hotels you stayed in on some trips January - March last year.

BW: O, did I? I am soooo sorry. I had so many trips then and it was all so stressful that I must have got mixed up. Look, I am on holiday next week but will bring in the cheque after that.

Company: Thank you, Ms Bear. When you bring in the cheque, don't forget to clear out your desk and pick up your P45....

So why are these people being allowed to get away with it by just saying sorry and coughing up a few grand (probably short of the mark in most cases)?

I resent working my furry arse off to pay off their mortgages in addition to my own. There have to be some consequences in addition to them paying the money back. They are the first to damn anyone who is claiming benefits and earning some money on the side. I am not a fan of this either but you can see the double standards here.

I despair

Anonymous said...

They are all greedy hungry cunts but Hazel Blears is the dirtiest plookiest dirty cunt of them all. Cunt.