Friday 22 May 2009

If She Had Any Honour She'd Resign!

If Jacqui Smith had a shred of honour she'd resign.

Much of the complete mess she presides over in the Home Office is actually not her fault. The lack of sufficient capacity in our prisons is directly attributable to that fucking one-eyed twat in 10 Downing Strasse who refused to fund the necessary expansion, and who also cut funding for the probation service. The result is what the Police describe as a "hokey cokey justice system", and figures out today confirm that 4 of every ten released early commit more crimes. It is indeed a revolving door!

The immigration issues predate her being Home Secretary, too. And I suspect the Gurkha Fiasco was driven by cost considerations dictated by the Treasury, where Gordon's sock-puppet fiddles the books at his master's behest.

Quite how she can justifies handing out £3.4 MILLION in performance related bonuses is stretching her own credibility way past destruction though.

And her outrageous and blatant troughing means there is not a scrap of sympathy for her in Penguin Towers.

She should resign as Home Secretary, and stand down as an MP. Today would be good, as she missed out on getting this done yesterday.

The Penguin


Fidothedog said...

The problem is, she is and fails to realise the fact that she is an utter cunt.

Gareth said...

There is an element in this debacle you have missed - Her opposite number. It may be an uphill battle to engage the will of Parliament to change the direction of the Home Office, but sometimes the Conservatives are more eager to score political points than anything else.

Parliament has been subordinate to the Government for too long because the parties have become too tribal and the whips too strong/individual MPs too craven.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh a variation on "it's Maggie's fault"

Now we have "It's the opposition's fault" except for the zanulaba majority and the Bliar/Brown mode of governmant by dictate making actual debate rare and irrelevant.

It is an outrage that the current crop of zanulaba politicians never resign, regardless of what they've been caught doing.

After the election we need a bit of retrospective legal action and a claw back of expenses, bonuses, pay and pension contributions (and liberty). She'd be a fine person to start the process with