Monday 18 May 2009

Another Socialist, Another Troughing Cunt

John Austin MP and Sham Socialist Money Grasping Cunt

Seems these left wing socialists are highly principled except when it comes to making sure their own nests have plenty of nice fluffy feathers in them to ensure they are kept cosy and warm despite what may happen to the proles in their Brave New World (post Boom and Bust, which as we all know, has been abolished by Jonah McBroon).

This cunt's standing down at the next election, but has ensured that his gold plated pension has been topped up by a bit of property speculation at the taxpayers' expense before he goes.

Only of course, when you can charge your mortgage interest, furnishings, decoration, maintenance, gardening, and even your legal fees and any stamp duty to the fucking taxpayer, there's very little speculation really, as that implies there might be some degree of risk.

This cunt lives only 11 miles from Parliament, yet needs a second home or two or more to be able to do his job of rubber stamping EU legislation and sucking the whips' cocks. I used to have a 67 mile each way commute, and had to pay my own travelling expenses, as well as my own mortgage interest, food, drink, white goods, kitchen appliances, televisions, DVD's etc.

I hope he dies of bowel cancer within a year, save the taxpayer a few hundred thousand on his pension.

The Penguin


microdave said...

I notice Lib Dem MP Norman Lamb whingeing
in the local paper that he's been made to look one of the greediest of the "Expenses Claimers". Apparently he had 3 members of staff on maternity leave and needed to claim for replacements. Perhaps he'd like to run that past the small business owners who find them selves in the same position, but have to find the money themselves.

Hacked Off said...

Was he shagging them all himself, or did he have staff to do that for him?

Joe Public said...

The Samaritans have a pre-recorded message for all calls from the Westminster dialing code.

It's "Jump, you bastard".

lilith said...

That is very dodgy facial hair that man is sporting.