Sunday 17 May 2009

Cunning Little Bastard!

Ian "Gollum" McCartney, the unintelligible Scottish Dwarf who is possibly only a NuLiebore MP because of some discrimination legislation that we have yet to be infomed about, demonstrated a degree of low animal cunning which his supposedly brighter colleagues failed abysmally to learn from and copy.

Two months after the Speaker and the House of Commons authorities lost a High Court case to stop the release of details of MP’s expenses on their second homes, Gollum sent back all he had claimed to furnish his flat.

I expect he tried to tell the rest of the NuLiebore Parliamentary Party, but they simply couldn't understand a word the wee dwarfish cunt was saying.

The Penguin


Harri said...

Look its a bit much taking the piss out of dwarfes with learning difficulties!

It aint big and it aint clever ?


Fidothedog said...

Kill him that fat hoon needs to die.

Out the Faerie Quene of Kirkcaldy said...

Obviously didn't pay back the pie allowance, though.

Useless, fat cunt.

Snowolf said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa, hang on just a minute.

Do you really expect us to believe, Penguin, that there is someone within ZNL that not only understands the concept of cause and effect, but also has displayed the application of forethought?

I've heard some remarkable things these last few days, but this takes the biscuit.

Savonarola said...

His advice was taken by one other MP. ACL Blair.

MacCartney arranged for all Blair's receipts to be destroyed. Was described as an accident at the time. There must be an investigation.

Spewing Blind Pugh said...

The cuntish midget McCartney has announced he is to stand down "for health reasons". He's probably got a big wodge of £20 notes stuck up his arse and the shit cannae come oot his hole so it all comes oot his big fucking mooth. Mt grannie always said politicians were nothing but hoors and comic singers and she was right. Cunts.