Tuesday 19 May 2009

Have They Considered The Consequences?

Poor "Tugger", Facing Unemployment.

What the fuck is going to happen to the economy if the clean up MP's (and Lords) expenses and allowances?

All those poor decorators and moat dredgers and Aga servicers and makers and installers of whirlpool baths and hot tubs, all those cleaners and gardeners, all those forestry specialists, bereft of work.

John Lewis - sales slump. Estate Agents committing suicide as the flipping carousel grinds to a halt. House husbands like Richard "Tugger" Timney unemployed, constituency wives likewise.

The troughers may well have been abusing the system, but it did put a lot of money into the economy. Just a thought!

The Penguin


KMcC said...

on the contrary, Penguin - their expenditure, coming as it did from taxation, did not put any money into the economy.

Those from whom the money was taken - that's you and me and every other tax peon - would have put just as much money into the economy, but would have spent it at least as diligently (and very probably much more diligently), and more importantly, would have spent it on things that we wanted.

Hacked Off said...

Are you suggesting that getting rid of the dodgy expenses and allowances will immediately lead to lower income taxes? I doubt it will, and therefore the government will piss just as much money away, but probably not on such things as gardeners and cleaners and decorators and handymen and the like.

No, they'll give it to Gordon's brother's French company to build nuclear power stations, because we have no engineering company left with any knowledge of such things, having once again surrendered or pissed away our leading edge in the nuclear industry.

KMcC said...

Not immediately; but the next govt will - I hope, and it may be a forlorn hope - reduce our taxes.

But my point still stands - there is no net benefit created by their spending.

microdave said...

"No, they'll give it to Gordon's brother's French company to build nuclear power stations."

That'll get the Greenies hopping up and down. The same mob who forget that France is ringed with PWR's (over 40 of them), so even if we had none we would still be at risk if they had a serious accident.

Hacked Off said...

Sorry, probably me being a thick flightless bird, but I just can't follow that argument at all.

If Big Gov spend the money on some project or other which is run by some Frog Company employing Frogs and Eyetalians and Portuguese specialists, then the money leaves the economy and benefits some other economies.

Whereas if the Trough Pigs get their hands on it and spend it (so as to get receipts) in pursuit of their second third and fourth homes on decorators and servicing the aga, then the money (already taken off us in taxes) gets re-introduced into this economy and the whole merry go round starts over.

Or am I missing something?