Thursday 14 May 2009

Third Batch Of Eurofighters? Definitely, Until Cancelled Later.

Announcements are cheap to make.

It's why Nuliebore repeat them ad nauseam, especially if they hope to grab a headline, or even bribe an electorate as with the new Aircraft Carriers, later quietly postponed.

So with the launch of their doomed local government and EUSSR election campaign, Jonah goes for the cheap headline, "protecting jobs" in ...where was he? Oh, Derby, home to Roll Royce Aero Engines.
What a coincidence!!!

But notice the small print, as it were - subject to successfully negotiating = we'll drop it later and blame the French and the Germans.

The Penguin


Earthlet Nigel said...

Well Jonah Broon has just upped the unemployment levels in Derby, closure of RR, job losses from the board?

And what about the helicopters our troops need?

Catosays said...

I get them over my place quite a lot. I thought they were American at first cos they're so noisy compared with the Harriers which are over every day. Bloody nice aircraft though.

Hacked Off said...

Almost as good as the English Electric Lightning, designed 1947.

Gareth said...

I don't expect cancellation. The contract was beefed up in the 90s to stop the Germans from pulling out and it's just as binding on us.

What we have done is said we'll buy about what we promised... and then sell some of them on. To Oman and others I believe.

Effectively it keeps people in jobs now but will bring the programme to an end ahead of schedule (Well, no. Everything's behind schedule but you can probably understand what I mean). Selling the airframes on reduces the total number of orders but we still look like we're keeping our part of the bargain.