Thursday 14 May 2009

Poor Kate May Have To Do A Jowell?

"Look, He's Already Got The Jowells!"

It seems that Dolly's stupidity and unpleasantness are adversely impacting fragrant Kate's career prospects.

There is a way out of this problem, Kate, my dear, just follow Tessa Jowell's example and have a career-saving marital separation.

At least in your case your husband is not facing Italian Jail Time if you should try for a romantic tryst in Venice!

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

He really should wash his hair once in a while.

No no, Kate is going to stand by her mouse!

Lexander said...

He really is a scruffy little sod. Would you listen to his advice?

Paul said...

A demented man from a demented party.

Anonymous said...

Is he really giving her one? Fucks sake!