Friday 22 May 2009

Not That Sanctimonious Hypocrite Again!

Martin "White Suit" Bell. Also known as Alastair Campbell's catspaw.

Served one term as an "independent" MP, stood down in 2001 having achieved absolutely fuck all except garner headlines excoriating "Tory Sleaze" - which is why Campbell put him up to it.
Please, Mr. Bell, just fuck off.

The Penguin


DaveP said...

The pompous tit needs to buy an iron.

Umbongo said...

While we're on about fifth-raters from the media trying to re-launch themselves as legislators, take a gander at Esther Ratzen who has the nerve to criticise MPs. The sight of MPs filling their boots until they overflow, particularly as they never dreamed their excesses would see the light of day, is not edifying. However, in comparison, Esther's hypocrisy makes our MPs look like saints of rectitude.