Monday 18 May 2009

I'll Never Ever Forgive The Greedy Cunts For This!

The worst thing of all about the Expense Scandal is that it has prompted (or some cunt has prompted her!) Esther Fucking Rantzen to run for Parliament against the stupid idiot Margaret Moran in Luton South(hampton).

God knows what next! I can see loads of fucking has beens and rent-a-gobshites lining up in fucking white suits like that useless cunt Martin (Alastair Campell made me do it!) Bell.

Just a few moments thought brings the sheer horror of it into hideous focus.

Sir Bob The Gob Geldorf
Germaine Greer
Janet Street-Porter
Piers Gough
Michael Barrymore

Is Simon Dee still alive?

The Penguin


Fidothedog said...

Christ, don't even joke about that fucker Barrymore going for it.

At least we know other MP's would not be going to any parties, aside from Mandelsnake an underpants Bryant that is!

Hacked Off said...

Good thing about Bawwymore, no need for ashtrays.

Stubs his fags out in the pool!

Unknown said...

Bob Geldof would be well suited to being an MP...'give us yer fecking money'

Joe Public said...

Tony Blackburn?

RavingMad said...

Esther Rantzen is a complete and utter HOON!

She gives mad people a bad name.

Anonymous said...

How about Jerry McCann, David Icke, Annie Lennox and Paul Daniels?

subrosa said...

Nothing wrong with Esther RP, she's a great ambassador for the over 60s woman who is generally ignored by the public.

Go for it Esther, show the younger lot you can win!

Anonymous said...

I hope she succeeds. Esther's success will scare the pants off Labour when they think the damage Joanna Lumley could do if she decided to stand for something or other.

Now its starting to get good!

View from the Solent said...

You forgot Bonio

Lord Delaval of Sluice said...

Di's Butler, Whatshisname.
"Rose" from 'Upstairs, Downstairs', and "Hudson", too.
Actually, any cunt other than the bunch of troughing hoons we have now.

Anonymous said...

Is Simon Dee still alive?
Christ I hope not

Dark Lochnagar said...

I'll give you another one. What about ANGELA (c'mon there's lots more things to find) FUCKING RIPPON!
At least you know where you are with a thieving cunt but not with one with a poker stuck up her fucking wrinkly old arsehole!