Tuesday, 3 February 2009

On Your Bikes! (Recycling My Shit)

In a curious echo of Lord Tebbit, Lord Voldemort Of Boys and Hartlepool has infuriated workers unable to get a job in Britain ( in part thanks to NuLiebore's failure to address legislation which disadvantages UK workers according to union officials ) by telling them to get on their bikes and get a nice cushy job in Europe.

"I did it," said Mandy, "There I was, on my very uppers, no one in the UK would touch me with a brass bargepole, so I got on my Brazilian bike and went and found a job in Brussels. Rather nice, as it turned out, lots of foreign travel, good hotels, nice restauarants, and I got to meet some very nice people. With yachts. In fact, I made so much money that I could afford to come back to Britain and buy a peerage."

The Penguin
Originally published at Old Holborn's Vanilla Lounge

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