Tuesday, 3 February 2009

British Jobbies For British Workers

The fallout from The Great Bottler's BNP sound bite continues to cast a toxic legacy. The front runners for post-apocalypse leader of the charred remnants of the ex-Nu-Liebore Project were keeping as low a profile as possible. The Department For Unemployment and Stealing Private Pensions, with Photoshop Purnell in charge, was completely absent from the equation - they'd taken the day off because of the snow. Blinky Balls for one blessed day was not on the TV, and neither of the alien invader Millipedes was seen or heard.

However, there was plenty else to amuse and delight, with Alan Johnson's “We need to bring in fresh directives to make it absolutely clear that people cannot be undercut in this way.” being swiftly slapped down by the recently European Commissar for Bribery Lord Voldemort, who declared ahead of the investigation by ACAS that there was nothing wrong, would never be anything wrong, and could never be anything wrong with contracting out British Jobs to Cheaper Foreigners. The Orange-Hued Crook from Africa was highly suspicious of how the Italian Contractor could under-cut British Contractors when they had to transport, accommodate, and feed their workers if they were being paid rates equivalent to British Workers - and he should know a bit about hiding funding if anyone does.

Sadiq Khan, the Communities Minister, said: “What we cannot have is the perception that foreign companies are abusing the rules of the EU to penalise British workers who have the skills to do the job.”

Gordon was too busy sucking Chinese cock to comment further, but his earlier "explanation" of what he really said as opposed to what everyone heard and saw him say at the 2007 Liebore Conference is available here.

Of course, mixed messages were also coming from the Brothers. Derek Fat Pig Simpson, hoping to get re-elected to the top trough for yet more quality gorging, was desperately trying to be all things to all sides in the face of more forceful comments from some of those trying to get their snouts in and his out. Wonderful!

Gorgon's promise of 500,000 new jobs was looking a bit shaky, his claim to have created 3 million new jobs was shown to be a bit of a fuck up since 2.1 million of them went to foreigners, and even the Olympic Building Site (only £9.6 BILLION over budget, well done Tessa!) has been found to be employing tens of thousand of foreigners. Some of whom are here legally, as recent news on permits has demonstrated, despite McBroon's cretinous claims.

The BNP and UKIP were having a lovely time. If this is kicking off in this weather, what will a long hot Summer bring?

The Penguin

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The Scumbag said...

Funniest thing in the world is watching these fuckers twist themselves into knots trying to argue that
1) The workers have a point
2) The workers having a point is not racist
3) We should challenge EU labour laws that restrict the "British jobs for the British" concept.
4) Err, we can't challenge the EU labour laws
5) Isn't the EU great?
6) We have nothing against foreign workers except when they're taking jobs away from the British
7) Errmm. Vote labour

Why hasn't anybody been sacked yet for illegal secondary action? I thought we had almost 2 million unemployed now who'd be more than happy to work