Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Local Jobs For Local Workers! We'll Have No Trouble Here!!

Following the example of our Great And Glorious Leader, Saviour of The World, Lifter Of Bairns (Out Of Poverty!), The Snot Gobbler and Trouser Pisser, Jimmy Gordon McBroon, in declaring a nationalist and protectionist approach to having British Jobs For British Workers, the Hull and Great Gobbling Region set up by John "The Blog" Prescott has decided to take things to the obvious next stage.

Local Jobs For Local Workers!

All local authority and regional quango jobs henceforth will only be advertised locally, and applicants will have to prove their local antecedents to 3 generations. Of course, this would disqualify the fat cunt Prescott, as he's actually a fucking sheep bothering Taff from Prestatyn.

Lord Voldemort is not amused.

The Penguin

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polaris said...

Oh shit, how will a Scots/Irish/English hybrid like me fare? Oh yeah it doesn't matter - I don't want a local authority job, it would be like being a teaching assistant in a remedial class.