Wednesday, 4 February 2009

February Prick Of The Month - An Early Contender

Epitomising the PC Righteous Stasi Snitch culture, relationship-busting podgy twat Adrian Chiles for getting Carol Thatcher thrown off some dreadful BBC show for comparing a tennis players hair to that of the famous and much loved Robertson's gollywog.

Not live on air, a la Jonathan Woss or Chris Moyles, but in a private conversation.

What a prick.

The Penguin


Cato said...

Once a hoon always a hoon!!

Mind you, you did forget Jo Brand...fat troughing non-comic!!

The Penguin said...

I'd like to be able to forget Jo Brand, except perhaps as a contraceptive aid. However, she is already in the "poo" over her suggestions of postal attacks on BNP membership, so I thought I'd concentrate on the odious Chiles.

Sue said...

He's a little snot! Probably got beaten up and bullied at school as the fat kid!

Anonymous said...

Trevor McDonald regrets the passing of the golliwog as he used his as a bus pass.

mmm said...

It is probably through his Croation mother that he inherited the genes for propensity to become one of the fingermen.

Unsolicited testimonials include:
Chiles is not everyone’s cup of tea. Last year The Sun reported that he was sent eight packages of soiled toilet paper. A particular scourge has been Victor Lewis-Smith, the Evening Standard’s former TV critic, who once wrote: “I wonder about the wisdom of hiring a man who, even if he hadn’t been in a car smash, would still have to be identified by his dental records.”
Lewis-Smith also once said, ‘Not only is Chiles the ugliest man on TV, but insiders tell me he also has a personality to match’.

The Penguin said...

Yes, I can't understand it myself. Is he some sort of token placeman to maintain a quota - got to have a certain number of Croats or something? He's also dull as a wet day in Grimsby, has all the charm of a dog turd, and looks like he enjoyed being hit with the ugly stick so he kept going back for more. Now I know that beauty is only skin deep, but let's face it, ugliness like that goes right down to the bone.

TractorStats said...

Chiles is a great heap of steaming hot festering puke stuck to the lens of the one show camera. About time Dyno Rod was called in at the BBC. I love Golliwogs.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Jo Brand and Chiles both suck at the tit of NuLabia. Both leftie twats.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

The righteous and the glitterai turn on themselves, fantastic, bring it on.
They will eat each other.