Thursday, 5 February 2009

At Last The Truth - Or At Least, A Confession Under Pressure!

David Millipede, our Foreign Secretary From Outer Space, has confessed under pressure that he has no idea what words mean in plain English.

"When I say that the United States of America has not blackmailed or threatened the British Government over releasing details of the torture and mistreatment of an Ethiopian scumbag who had forfeited his British Residency status to go and kill American and British troops in Iraq and Aghanistan and who they want to dump on the taxpayer here in Britain, I merely mean that they have pointed out that releasing such information would result in serious consequences that we would not like."

David Millipede is 13 and a half and very fond of bananas. And Gordon's cock, of course.

The Penguin


Van Helsing said...

So now find out what Greengate was all about. The Govt. were trying to find/recover the information, that they had assisted, by omission in the torture of a human being.
Right up to the begining of the week they were rushing around trying to find emails between Green and Davis to shut it down. Once it came out in court Davis felt he could put pressure on the Govt. We will see all charges dropped against Green in the next week.

Van Helsing said...

You have seen your Govt.
embark on Illegal wars,
extrordinary rendition,
extradition of British Subjects
attempted introduction of 42 days
covert survellance of the entire population,
the end of double jeopardy rules,
the attempted censure of the internet,
start to introduce ID cards
and now implicated in torture.

Maybe that's what you want, but who's to say you wont be the next victim.
Is it worth the gamble?
I say to you, 'not in my name'

Van Helsing said...

There are probably only two MPs in the HOC. that you could trust to say the truth.
Frank Field and David Davis, that is because they put this country and it's people above their personal wealth or advancement.
You need to watch what happens to them very carefully, the righteous are scared of them, who knows what they will do.

Tory Poppins said...

Not forgetting he was wriggling up Hillary' arse like a ferret up a drain pipe!

Chalcedon said...

This 'resident' is a scumbag certainly and was granted asylum. So off he goes to try to kill British and US soldiers. I certainly don't want this odious bastard back in this country.

Fidothedog said...

The banana was actually that long.

AngryDave said...

He was caught in a war zone running with the enemy, so who the fuck cares what they did to him. It is just a pity the cunt is still breathing. Send him back or deprt him, because we dont want him.