Wednesday 17 December 2008

Whitehall Farce Act Two

Following on from the earlier commentary.

Inspector Knacker of the Trains has handed in his report
to Inspector Knackered of the Yard, and while the plods are trying to prevent anyone from seeing it due to "ongoing police investigation" it seems that enough has leaked out (investigation anyone?) to be pretty much sure what it contains.

Basically - "Boy, did you fuck up big time on this one!"

Inspector Knackered of the Yard aka Quick suddenly finds he is not on the short-list for the top trough, surprise surprise. Acting Chief Trougher is hoping he has done enough to deflect the shitstorm.

Very telling that they only told the DPP 10 minutes before the raid and arrest, and that the CPS are washing their hands faster than Pontius Pilate advertising a new bacteriological soft soap.

Fat Speaker Martin holed below the waterline for his gallantry in trying to blame the Popinjay he appointed to a much reduced role because he was frit of ex-military men with fierce moustaches - is Lack of Courage a Scottish Labour Trait nowadays? - and for not being able to see that this was going to cause trouble. Too tribal by half the red-faced old prat merely thought to himself "Oh, good, this will emabarrass the toffs."

So, with Damien Green about to be cleared of all misconduct, will he get his DNA wiped from the database?

So, to sum up, who comes out of this covered in shit?

Gordon Brown.
Jacqui Smith
Sir David Norrington
Knackered(s) of the Yard
Sir Gus (I used to leak!) O'Donell
Speaker Martin
Serjeant at Arms
Harriet Harman
Gerald Kaufman
Frank Dobson

Smelling of Roses?

Damien Green
David Davis
David Cameron
Dominic Grieve
Theresa May
Nick Clegg

The Penguin

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Anonymous said...

Clearly the Sergette Without Arms will have to go but will it be enough to do for Martin ?

What now of the relationship between the Police and the CPS ? I once saw a friend beng prosecuted by a CPS clown for burglary and TWOC. The case got reduced to " allowing to be carried " in about 5 minutes. Not impressed.