Thursday 11 December 2008

Doncaster, Haringey-Oooop-Nooorth?

Is Doncaster the Haringey of the North? Or will some other fine candidate manage to beat them to that title? Kirklees have form, after all, and there are investigations in Sheffield into the most extraordinary case where some lowlife was repeatedly raping his own daughters and getting them pregnant so he could live a comfortable work-free life on benefits.

How many more to come? - some report recently suggested 3 children a week are being brutally murdered in this country.

Noticeably the fine burghers of Doncaster tried to publish this as quietly as they could...and there's at least 2 more case reviewsin the pipeline! Anyone resigned?

The Penguin


Lorenzo said...

Apparently "resign" has been removed from the dictionary

Hacked Off said...

Yep, that's another disgrace.

No bloody shortages of them!

Anonymous said...

There are many 'haringeys' lurking in many more local authorities. Sadly their are few proper journalists left to root them out.