Tuesday 30 December 2008

Here's A Turn Up For the Books - Hope It Sets A Precedent

Cheltenham Council are suing a former Chief Executive for £750,000.

Brilliant - shame they didn't do it sooner, but better late than never. Let's hope that they are successful, that the assets of the incompetent cow are sufficient to cough up the dosh, and loads of other councils start following it as a precedent. Haringey should sue Shoesmith, for starters!!

Does beg the question as to why they appointed the bloody woman in the first place? Still, at least she isn't a fucking Muslim, or they'd have no chance as the "Racism" card would be swiftly brought into play.

Also a shame that m'learned friends get so fucking rich out of it. Cunts.

The Penguin

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banned said...

Only got around to reading this in the DT this evening, astonishment does not begin to describe my reaction.
They have finally got around to biting their own though, in my view, the root problem may have been a simple personality conflict.
"Christine Laird was accused of 'misstating' ( sic ) her abilities, she spent most of her three years in tenure off sick through stress " so don't lie bitch, then life won't be so fucking stressy.

Disclosing why she was eventually dismissed would be a predictor of beaconality.
( To interpret that see the article alongside on page 3 DT 30/12 ).