Sunday 21 December 2008

It Keeps Getting Ever Sillier!

Just when you thought that there was just no more juice to be squeezed from the Giant Lemon that is the Damien Green Whitehall Farce, yet more emerges sparkling into the sunshine.

It seems that Inspector Knackered of the Yard's wife is running a chauffeured car hire business from Knackered Towers, and in the promotion of this perfectly legitimate business ( hope all the additional income from the hire of Knackered's own Jensen is properly accounted for!) the address of said top plod-warrior against the Islamic Jihadist Hordes is revealed. Score 1/10 for security, well done that man. I hope he is advising government ministers on their personal safety.

But what follows??

Inspector Knackered throws all the toys from the pram in a fury, claiming that the revelations in the MSM are all part of a Corrupt Tory Plot to discredit his investigation in Damien Green. The same investigation which his superiors at the Yard are desperately trying to scrape off their shoes, as mentioned previously.

Down in deepest leafy Surrey, where Inspector Knackered was Chief Cuntstable, the locals heave another sigh of relief at having got rid of the idiot.

Anyone want to offer odds on an early retirement on full pension?

The Penguin

UPDATE : Inspector Knackered rapidly withdraws his claims!! I bet there was a meeting without tea and biscuits, I wonder just who was ripping him a new arsehole?


Lorenzo said...

Give them enough rope

Anonymous said...

£500 go, ex cops driving them who took early retirement through "stress" you couldn't make it up.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that Hollywood would be interested in this story but would Brian Rix have been ?
BR autobiography
" My Farce From My Elbow ".