Friday 5 December 2008

Is There A Single Competent Social Services Department?

One of the more disturbing facts to emerge from the Shannon Matthews kidnapping trial is the extent of the incompetence and uselessness of Kirklees Social Services Department, who have gone to the extraordinary lengths of obtaining an injunction to try and hide the truth about their involvement with the little girl, who they signally failed for years.

Hot on the heels of the scandal of Haringay and Peter Connolly, and rumours of other cases in that shit hole borough, one is left wondering if there is a single Social Services Department in the entire country which is competent.

Of course, there are other questions this case raises, like the acceptance by her family and friends and neighbours of Karen Matthews "life style" and the way in which she was able to use her children as a meal and fags and booze ticket.

The Penguin

Update: "Barry Sheerman, who is MP for Huddersfield and also chairman of the Commons' Children, Schools and Families Committee, (complete gum sucker and lickspittle) told BBC Look North: "This is not another Haringey. Kirklees has a reputation for a fine social services department.

"I would have to be very much convinced that they didn't do the right thing." "

Daily Labourgraph (my insert in the brackets)

Update 2: Kirklees's director for children, Alison O'Sullivan, is believed to be earning £140,000 a year.


Catosays said...

I've just Barry Sheerman, a local MP near Dewsbury saying that Kirklees Social Services were absolutely fine..or words to that effect.


Anonymous said...

Of course there isn't, thats why the useless bastards are social workers in the first place as they can't get proper jobs.
Absolute wankers all of them dealing with pond life day after day breeding more pondlife so it goes on and on.
When was the last time you heard of anyone losing any money through mistakes , not jobs or prosecuted just moved about a bit,sort of browncoat, whitecoat,overcoat.