Monday 15 December 2008

Ed Balls, Come Out and Fuck Off!

I know the days of resigning because you or those you are supposed to be responsible for fuck up seem sadly to be long gone - Lord Carrington, anyone? - but surely even so, that oily lying cunt Blinky Balls ought to be feeling the pressure?

He reigns over fuck up after fuck up, from the ramifications of the Peter Connolly atrocity to the overdue departure of the Ozzie Inadequate. The SATS fiasco, dumbing down of education, appalling failures in child protection, ghastly abuses of power by out of control social workers (yep, they get it wrong in both directions!), his "messy" expenses situation - just what the fuck would it take to prise this greedy little shit from the trough?

We know that Snotty McBroon will not sack him, or he'd lose his only friend in government.

But just what would it take for the embarrassment factor to force him out?

Caught on film interfering with the horses at the Lifeguards stables? Kiddie porn all over his laptop? Found to be running a loan sharking operation in Yvette's constituency?

What do you think?

The Penguin

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