Thursday 11 December 2008

Ofsted, Unfit For Purpose

Other more distinguished bloggers are covering in fine details the Super Hero Saving The World and how impressed the Germans are.

I would like to highlight the complacent twat in charge of Ofsted and her calm assertions to the HoC Committee that she didn't think that many Local Authorities were lying to her useless inspectors, despite the clear evidence that this is what took place in Haringey, where her team were able to give them a 3 star rating based on the information that Haringey provided. Luckily (or, you might say, unbelievably!) all the files and notes relating to that inspection (and one presumes all the rest?) was destroyed. Thus ensuring that the extent of the uselessness of the inspection is neatly out of sight. How unlike audits of boring old limited companies, for example, where no one actually gets beaten to death but records and files have to be kept for fucking years and fucking years, clogging up more warehouses than enough, just in case corporate raider X finds he's paid a few quid too much for a new victim to asset strip.

Anyway, it'll be OK 'cos she's written to all of the Local Authorities asking them not to give her teams misleading information in the future.

I'm sure we will all sleep more soundly for knowing this. After all, only 3 children a week are being killed.

And this bloody woman is responsible for School Inspections as well as Child Care Inspections. Sack the cow and get some serious bastard in who knows how to do a thorough audit.

The Penguin

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Anonymous said...

It was the complacent fuckwittery with which that " destruction " policy was described that struck me ( It is because it is ). The head of the investigation into Ofsted compared it with an academic publishing a paper after destroying his research notes.

This womans head must role into the gutter alongside Shoesmiths because the only reason for such a policy is to conceal any potential wrongdoing ( accessory just in case ).