Saturday 13 December 2008

Cressida Dick In Real Trouble Now!

The policewoman in charge of the operation which killed Jean Charles de Menezes, Cressida Dick, has survived the initial aftermath, and the H&SE prosecution, and the whitewash inquest. She has even been promoted, FFS.

But now she has a real problem - the glowing support of Ken Livingspawn, which has all the weight of his wisdom and towering intellect behind it. As well as his excellent record as a great judge of character, hence millions shuffled to his mate Lee Jasper and mislaid.

However, as she is of the female sex and the police are predominantly male, her survival is probably assured. Although to be certain she should convert to Islam.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

The inquest was all about the firearms officers whose mistakes were genuine but that Cressida Prick woman was always more interested in covering her own arse over her failures in command, just like that Shoesmith.
Livingstones support comes over as reasonable until one remembers that Dick was one of his promotelings.

She is responsible for death and should die.

wv = spins, honest !

Lorenzo said...

Cressida Dick is yet another grossly overpaid, living in an ivory tower, useless waste of space most likely promoted way above her abilities to get her out of the way and because she is something other than a white male is only there for diversity crap to encourage others. She was in charge, failed totally and should be booted out without pension.

45govt said...

She is a cunt called dick, and just this once I hope that the misogynist assholes in the Met fuck her over.
Not literally you understand - you have seen her picture? Even for those murderous bastards, that would be above and beyond - dried up old dyke.

Anonymous said...

"Although to be certain she should convert to Islam."

Well, if ever a face cried out for a burkha....