Monday 1 December 2008

Making History

I suspect every politician wants desperately to have a place in the history books of future generations.

Our not very competent Home (Economics) Secretary has ensured that she has a place there, but I don't think that she will welcome what will be written about her. She has presided over the worst case of state interference in Parliament since King Charles 1st tried to arrest 5 irritating MPs, and despite all the furore breaking around her ears she is too pigshit thick to realise what she has done and mitigate the damage by apologising.

The worst Prime Mentalist in history has done his usual trick when trouble blows up, he has disappeared. When you consider his track record of using leaks from civil servants when he was in opposition, it makes his silence over this matter even more odious. Not just a coward, but a fucking hypocrite too.

Then we have Gorbals Mick, the fat bloated slug masquerading as Speaker of the House of Commons, who supinely allowed the heavy handed plod to ransack the offices of Privy Councillor Opposition Front Bench Spokesman and MP Damien Green over some 18th century common law catch-all ( which a recent Court Case shows not to hold water ) when he was supposed to be the defender of the supremacy of Parliament against executive interference. I suppose he was too busy fiddling his expenses to do his job.

The Sargeant at Arms, whose authority should have been used to disbar plod from entering the House, is sadly not up to the job. Not surprising, as Speaker Martin emasculated the role because he fell out with the previous incumbent, and appointed a pen pusher he could bully. Nice to see that one blowing up in his fat red face.

There is a lot of rapid buck passing going on at the Met, where fear over the fall out looms large. This has gone badly wrong for them, and anyone tainted by involvement can kiss goodbye to getting the top job anytime in the next thousand years. It was a very different operation to that run by Yates over the Peerages for Cash scandal, and should never have been taken on as a police investigation in the first place. Whoever was mug enough to set this one running should have simply told the mandarins to sort their own shit out through the usual disciplinary procedure.

One has to wonder what will happen to the 26 year old leaker, Chris Galley, now "in protective custody" to keep him away from the media. Another walk in the woods with a paracetomol and a penknife?

The mandarins responsible have doubtless ensured that when the new regime arrives they are shunted off to some nice little role in Wigan or Cumbernauld unless they have the decency to resign. Shame they will keep their pensions.

All in all, a good result for the opposition, a shit storm that even the BBC cannot ignore.

The Penguin

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RantinRab said...

Nice bit of satire over on the daily mash. Cameron getting done over by plod!