Friday 19 December 2008

Getting On With The Jobbie In Number 10

Did I imagine it, or did the One-eyed Scum of the Manse not proclaim that his would be a Prime Ministerial Term shorn of the false trappings of Celebrity Cock-sucking so beloved by his slippery predecessor?

Is he not looking after the interests of hard-working families from cock-crow to cock-suck, getting on with the job of easing people through this grown-in-America Global Financial Crisis, ( nothing to do with him, Oh No, it was a bigger boy that did it and ran away!) ?

So just what is he doing finding time to write to the winner of X Factor? And I belive I read somewhere, to all the finalists?

Did he write to all the Celebrity Monkey Wankers in The Jungle as well? If not, is that discrimination? Where does he stand on Big Brother? Has he written to that ugly bag Jade Goody congratulating her on having cancer to relaunch her "career"? What about Kerry Katona, has she been ignored?

I think we should be told. The lying fucking hypocrite.

The Penguin

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