Friday 26 December 2008

A Self-Made Tragedy

Am I alone in thinking that the sad case of the conjoined twins Hope and Faith could and should have been completely avoided by the simple device of an early termination?

These poor mites NEVER had any chance of a normal life, the doctors did everything they could to persuade the 18 year old mother and the (apparently retarded) 28 year old father not to go to term withthe pregnancy, and then the twins had short miserable existences dominated by pain and invasive surgery, and to what end? That the bereaved parents can sell their story to the gutter press?

God knows if any other children were kept waiting for operations or for facilities to become available because the surgeons were busy trying mission impossible, or how much the whole fiasco cost the NHS.

I can't help thinking it should never have been allowed to happen.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

No, you're not alone. Poor little things, what painful short lives they had.

Still, a difficult decision for the parents, because doctors are not always right. Some babies do defy the odds and survive.

Anonymous said...

you can't say things like that because its the truth.
What you should say is that its the parasite parents right to choose, yeah right as its the right of young girls to pump out unwanted kids that I and other taxpayers have to keep.

Catosays said...

Whatever the rights and wrongs, it is surely a sad thing when helpless babies die.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a very sad story & a shame for the kiddies. Even if the op had been successful, they would never have had normal lives. A very selfish decision by the parents in my opinion. Similar to that little girl in Portsmouth I think it was. The doctors didn't want to resusicate her if she 'died', the 'devout Christian' parents went to court over it - they got their way & shortly after separated - obviously their Christianity didn't stretch to the idea that a marriage is for life or taking responsibility for their offspring - merely to (I suppose) leaving their little girl in care to be brought up by taxpayers.