Tuesday 30 December 2008

Son Of The Manse, Moral Compass Broken

Well, seems that Gordoom McBroon is as incapable of learning as he is of changing direction.

In the absence of his parents he invited the most notorious burglar in Kirkaldy into the Manse for a bite to eat. "Luckily he didn't steal anything" recollects the snot gobbler in a nauseating attempt to seem connected to ordinary people.

More recently McBroon invited serial criminal Peter Mandelson into the cabinet and the House of Lords. Our chances of him not stealing anything are fucking remote.

The Penguin


Lorenzo said...

It appears Gordon has now been taked into protective custody for the safety of the public.

banned said...

He is quoted towards the end of that article but can you make any sense of what he means or even what the quote is about ?

Anonymous said...

"Luckily he didn't steal anything" Virginity was offered up then, I suppose.

Is this allegorical for the notorious thieves we've invited in to run this country?