Sunday 14 December 2008

Education, Education, Education, Betrayed, Betrayed, Betrayed

By their works shall you know them, for their words are false.

Despite it being such a priority, the NuLiebore Experiment seems to have had very little focus (of a positive nature!) on Education. The resignation this morning of the third rate vastly overpaid Australian wanker in charge of the Quango that is supposed to oversee examinations demonstrates the uselessness of the government in terms of basic management.

Appointed by Estelle "Ooooh, this job is too hard!" Morris at a salary more than 7 times that of his civil servant predecessor, this twat also got £50,000 towards his renting a place. Obviously that wasn't enough to fund anywhere nice enough or in the right place, he had to toss in £16,666 from his "earnings". And it seems no one did much checking of his background or references before appointing him.

And as surely as night follows day, fuck up after fuck up. But it is only the education of the poor and the proles, so I don't suppose that worries the architects of ZNL too much.

There's certainly plenty of waste for the next administration to strip away, loads of savings to be had. You just find a quango and do away with it, simple as that.

The Penguin

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Anonymous said...

We often hear exorbitant salaries being justified (both private & public sector), on the grounds that to get the best talent you have to pay the best rates. Doesn't seem to have worked, does it?