Tuesday 30 December 2008

New Labour, Same As The Old Labour But Worse

Well, well, who'd have thought it?

The Labour Administration of Harold Pinky Wilson (long suspected by the Intelligence Services of not having Britain's interests at the top of his list, the cunt) so ran down the Armed Forces in the face of the Cold War threat that Jim Callaghan - who had served his country with distinction in the second World War - despaired on finding out how bad things were.

Now what do we have?

"Overstretch" ( the senior officer's euphemism, don't want to lose the pension, do we?) and underspend on a massive scale. Personal cowardice by the Ministers, who won't go and meet the coffins, and who want to gag coroners from criticising the MOD for gross negligence in sending our troops into harms way with crap equipment.

Meet New Labour, just like Old Labour but without any principles whatsoever.

Utter Cunts

The Penguin

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banned said...

To think that things have only got worse since.
Just as well the 'senile cowboy' Ronnie and his soulmate Maggie had the good fortune to face down the Soviet Union who were pretty broke themselves.