Sunday 14 December 2008

Slippery Jack's Refurbished Palace

Good to learn that Slippery Jack Straw, the Lord Chancellor and Justice Secretary, has a nice pad to grace with his presence as he works at polishing his image* and acting as minder to Fat Jacqui.

Over £130 MILLION lavished on a do-up of the old Home Office premises, which were unlikely to have been of a poor standard to start with. That's only EIGHTEEN times more than a refurbishment to public limited comany head office standards would cost in the private sector. £290,000 on art work, for fuck's sake!

At the same time, they are cutting the probation budget by £120 Million.

How the fucking hell do they justify this sort of nonsense to themselves? Seems they have form on this sort of thing...

The Penguin

*Someone might save him the effort by pointing out that you can't polish a turd


Catosays said...

Hey Penguin, there's one for you on my blog!!
You'll love it...

Anonymous said...

Two types of money, yours and someone elses money.
Yours your careful with, someone elses money who gives a fuck?

45govt said...

Amazing what a superannuated student activist twat can justify once his jackboots are under the table isn't it?
What I want to know is - did the taxpayer pay for 4-eyes' operation and/or contacts. He thinks it makes him look better, as he doesn't know that is mission impossible - the cunt.

wv - labia

Anonymous said...

His lot are always flash with their money - even more so when it's ours.

WV= pol oi , how appropriate