Monday 15 December 2008

Government Cover Up For Police Thuggery

Well, there's a surprise! The Government's claims that the heavy handed police actions against the demonstrators protesting about coal fired power station were justified because of the 70 injuries sustained by the police has been proven to be a tissue of LIES.

This follows a well trodden path, of course, with the police literally getting away with murder. Nice to see the lies so comprehensively dragged into the cold light of day, though.

Of course, lying like this would once have recquired a resignation (once caught out!) but those "honourable" days have long gone, just the memory and the titles remain (along with the snouts in the trough, of course!)

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

Anyone remember Blair Peach, New Zealand schoolteacher bumped off by the cops?

45govt said...

Plod finallly lost any hope of support from me when the pictures of the skin-headed thugs beating seven bells out of peaceful middle-aged Countryside Marchers in jackets and ties were published.
As I told a plod who happened to stop me for a 'safety check' one Sunday lunchtime, to check my tyres, tax (and, of course stick his head in the window), that things had reached the stage that if I were to drive past a plodmobile upside down with its wheels still spinning, I wouldn't even reach for my cellphone. Well - that would be against the law wouldn't it?
Thug cunts.

Anonymous said...

My old punk mate Eddie was arrested at a demo years ago for having an offensive weapon viz an anarchist flag on a stick.
He won at the Magistrates and got his flag back, with the stick. I've never trusted the Police since then.