Tuesday 30 December 2008

Vile Racists Outed And Shamed By Council

3,500 or so concerned residents (and voters) who wrote to suggest that plans by mid-Bedfordshire District Council on setting up additional camps for pikeys and travellers (I can't be arsed to called them gypsies, because fuck all of them are proper gypsies) were a problem have been sent letters accusing them of being racists.

Yet more complete fuckwittery by local authority tosspots, who when confronted by the inevitable publicity claimed they had been over-zealous and misunderstood.

I hope the accused will remember come the local elections, many of which are swayed by far fewer votes than the wider families of 3,500 active citizens.

As I recall, Bedfordshire was one of those fairyland places which declared themselves to be nuclear-free zones in the mistaken belief that if a nuclear war kicked off, the fall-out would settle elsewhere, and not within it's "righteous" borders. Seems the same idiocy prevails.

The Penguin


Lord Elvis of Paisley said...

I would imagine there could be a case here for the people who have received these letters to take out a class action against the Council for defamation and slander. I would certainly consider suing. Let's hope they do.

Lorenzo said...

They should all buy secondhand old crappy caravans and decend on town hall surrounding it like wagons against indian attack and then set fire to the buggers.

Anonymous said...

I used to live in Bedfordshire - in one of the (apparently) nicer parts. I can therefore report, from extensive experience, That Bedfordshire is a shithole.

banned said...

Typical nulab, accuse, retract, put 'em on the list.

Perhaps that Margaret Beckett woman might one day accidentally pitch up at a Traveller camp site and experience their compulsion for extreme violence and extreme sexual contact.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't give a tinker's cuss (snigger)