Friday 12 December 2008

Another Step Along The Way To Communism?

Just fancy that! Under the guise of it being necessary for the Olympics to run smoothly, plans are in hand to give certain key officials exclusive use of some road lanes.

Sounds familiar to anyone who remembers the USSR.

Coming to the EUSSR soon. I predict it will be such a success that it will be morphed into general practice for the Righteous and their minions to aid in the suppression of the rest of us.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

If it were up to me I would make the bastards crawl to their destination naked on broken glass.
Twats, as in "Do they know who I am " as a matter of fact we do, you are useless scum so get out of the fucking limo we paid for now.

Anonymous said...

I expect that many Londoners are already pissed right off with the disruption being caused by the Olympics, Boris had better be caerful over this one.
It may be a ruse to get us used to the idea of closed roads which is on the agenda of ultra global warmists.