Monday 15 December 2008

Get Back In Your Box, You Jobsworth Twats!

Fuck me, there's a rash of them around at the moment! Council and Local Authority-related Jobsworths who think it is politically correct to stick their fucking noses into ordinary people's business, but then melt away like a fart in a gale when push comes to shove.

Like whoever told this lady that her Christmas decorations might offend her non-Christian neighbours.

FOR FUCK'S SAKE!!!! This is a nominally Christian country, with an established church, and hundreds of years of different branches of Christianity to suit all types, plus a tolerance of atheists, agnostics, and all the other strange cults. Plus we have done our level best to accommodate all other religions. You won't find such tolerance in Saudi Arabia, for example.

So just who is going to be offended by a few Christmas decorations?

Only the fucking council jobsworths, or the odd Islamic nutter. Both of who should be deported fucking double quick to somewhere they'd be right at home, like North Korea. (Not a return ticket, please).

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

As Ross points out on the blogs carrying this, what the hell is 'Christian' about snowmen anyway...?

Anonymous said...

She is a reet big lass an all.

WV: unbumbo. Truth. I kid thee not!

Anonymous said...

Her local Councilor dealt with this case, Ahmed Khan or somesuch.
" This sort of nonsense sets back race relations for decades "

Good chap.

The housing association recinded the instruction to remove Christmas decorations, apologised to the lady and promised 'more training' for the officer involved.

The Hajj ended in Eid-ul-Adha - 11th - 14th December 2008, hope yours was a good one.