Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Step Into The Light, You Hoon!

Joe Ninety Pretends To Be A Grown Up

Seems we can now make a good guess as to which cunt this was.

Lord Stephen Carter let slip to a Lords select committee that helping businesses survive the recession was not the role of Government. Except apparently Scottish Banks. Or Northern Crock up in Labourshire.

Carter's Scottish. And he's got a cracking track record of ensuring he does OK and never mind anyone else. Wikipedia:

"In 2000, Carter became Chief Operating Officer of UK cable TV company NTL, guiding the company to established a leading position in the UK broadband market. As a NYSE listed company, he also presided over the Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection proceedings of NTL, which at the time had debts of £12bn. Carter left NTL at the end of 2002 as the Group was poised to exit Chapter 11, with a payoff of £1.7m in compensation, including a £600,000 bonus. After the company resolved a class action law suit brought by shareholders by paying out $9Million in compensation in late 2007, it emerged in papers released by the court that Carter's alleged comment about shareholders was: "What I tell them is nine-tenths bullshit and one-tenth selected facts.” "

I wonder if the cunt found his precious chair?

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