Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Gordon Retreats Into Nationalism And Protectionism

An ugly hypocrite

Never mind the fine rhetoric trotted out as he hectors and lectures the rest of the world about the dangers of retreating into narrow nationalism and beggar-your-neighbour protectionsim, when it comes to Scotland our Beloved Leader, The Great Saviour Of The World, is a fucking hypocrite.

Hence bribing Nationwide with £1.6 BILLION of English taxpayers' money to guarantee Scottish Jobs at Dunfermline Buggered-Up Society.

He may have saved a few votes in nearby Kircaldy, but it may be a very expensive price he'll pay elsewhere.

The Penguin


Adam Smith said...


I'm a Scot and he's wasting my fucking money as well.

The Penguin said...

I think you'll find that the Treasury petty cash draw is called "The Bank of England" and that it is in London.

The Royal Bank Of Scotland has no money, apparently, except for what the Bank of England hands it.

But yes, it is all of us who are paying for his stupidity.

Faux Cu said...

He will pay on his home turf too.

Just wait, assuming it is not an all postal vote.

Umbongo said...

Blimey - light's dawning even at the BBC! Last night on News at 10 on BBC1 Peston pointed out that the UK bank rescue operation is, effectively, a rescue of Scottish banks. The non-Scottish HSBC and Barclays have (so far) survived the economic hurricane (as has the Nationwide). Although the two banks have benefitted from the extra liquidity made available by the Bank of England, it appears that (unlike the UK itself) they are able to raise in the world market all the money needed to bolster their capital requirements.