Sunday, 29 March 2009

Special Award For Services To Journalism

A different horse's arse.

A special Award should be given to Sir Michael "Kneepads" White, the Grauniad's politicial cocksucker for his pathetic attempt to spin Daniel Hannan's splendid skewering of the Prime Mentalist.

I'm just stumped as to what the award should comprise.

He is already getting a right old hammering in the "Comments" despite the censorship.

Any suggestions?

The Penguin


Oldrightie said...

How about "The best queen's hissy fit award for jealousy"?

The Economic Voice said...

Want tee an arse in action, come and watch the elephant.

Out the Faerie Queene of Kirkcaldy said...

How about a fitted, barbed wire noose?

Lots of volunteers to attach him to a lamp post with it, I'm sure.

North Northwester said...

Michael White must have burst lungs after inhaling so long and so strong in the Prime Ministerial undergrowth.

Nice touch that; putting Dan the Man in with the BNP. Free-trading small government Hannan compared with the protectionist NHS-expanding, workers' co-operative promoting BNP do not look too similar from here on Planet Reality.

Cuse said...

Fucking brilliant.

You can't stand Staine's being criticised can you..

It must be love

The Penguin said...

Your obsession with Guido is getting out of hand.

Were you at the same school and you developed a disgusting homosexual crush on him, but when you screwed up your courage and blurted out the sorry secret he spurned your advances?

What ever, do try and get a grip.