Thursday, 19 March 2009

The Brown Support

"It wasnae me - bigger boys did it and ran away!"

Oh dear! It seems as if there's mutiny in the air!

Hazel Blears made it clear she believes Mr Brown and other ministers should own up to mistakes which may have fuelled economic problems. 'You can't just pretend you weren't there,' the Communities Secretary said.

Charles Clarke, a former home secretary, undermined Mr Brown's claim that Britain is well-placed to weather the economic crisis.'There are many aspects of our economy that put us in a worse position,' he told the BBC's Daily Politics programme.

And Ken Livingstone, Labour's former mayor of London, reopened old hostilities with the Prime Minister, telling Total Politics magazine that he had warned as long ago as 1998 that Mr Brown, then chancellor, was a liability.

'I was very critical of the first two years. The passage of time has shown me to be right,' he said.

'I hoped when Brown took over, things would change more than they did. But I have not been massively surprised.'

And a nice little row between Number 10 and the Solicitor General over her claims of "Green Shoots".

New Nokia?

The Penguin


Sue said...

He'll run off somewhere and ignore it. He's going to hang on for as long as he can. Brown is insane, we know that!

The Penguin said...

Do you suppose he start claiming to be able to cure Aids (Thursdays Only) and bring in witch doctors?

Gambia has a totally barking mad president.

I expect Gordon will want to catch up.

Sue said...

I wouldn't put anything past this unelected PM. I'm just astounded that someone who is so obviously a nutter is allowed to stay where he is!

How bad is this all going to get? Are we normal people the only ones that can see he's lost it?

Each day brings its new horrors..