Wednesday, 11 March 2009

The Police Farce

Hello, Hello, Hello!

Oh dearie me - seems that Dixon ofDock Green's been a bit of a naughty boy!

Never mind, we're above the law, and even if we get caught, we'll keep our jobs.

The Plod


Oldrightie said...

Any form of growth for Labour supporters is good. A growth in criminal policeman is excellent. Keep stum about the criminals in Government and you keep your job. New Labour, new lies.

David said...

The pigs have been bent for years. My late father was a loss adjuster, and quite often had to give out reward money via the police, to informants on theft claims. He always said most of this money never reached the informants, but was shared amongst bent cops.

I myself was involved as a witness 15 years ago against two Northern Constabulary officers who had perverted the course of justice by writing totally untrue witness statements themselves, without the knowledge of the witnesses. The Edinburgh Crown Office "lost" ALL the papers for their forthcoming High Court trial, except for the file cover! They walked. One cop is now a Chief Superintendent, and high up freemason.