Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Another Outbreak Of Woolas "Foot In Mouth" Disease

"I must learn to keep my mouth shut!"

Poor "Custard Pie" Woolas has done it again!

Under enormous pressure because he is useless, and his boss is useless, and her boss is useless, the Minister for Illegal Immigration flails around from one crass announcement to another. I think he took lessons on that from McBroon. The latest brilliant headline grabbing soundbite was to announce that he was going to build a detention centre near Calais to house illegal immigrants trying to get to the Land Of Milk and Honey. He claimed it would be funded jointly with the French, and the guests would then be flown home to Iraq and Afghanistan.
However, it turns out he had not thought to discuss this with the Home Economics Secretary, and the French have not been consulted and are not pleased either.

Mind you, Jackie was busy with her lawyers trying to cobble together a defence for when she gets dragged into court for fiddling her allowances, so maybe poor Phil didn't get a chance to tell her about his cunning plan.

The Penguin


Oldrightie said...

Woolas is employed as a one legged contortionist, the other foot firmly stuck in his ugly gob. There again, isn't that true of all this lot?

The Refuser said...

From the Mail The French policy is to return illegal immigrants who do not wish to claim asylum in France to the last safe country they visited, but most claim to have arrived from across the Belgian border - just an hour's drive up the coast - meaning it is pointless to deport them there as they go straight back.

However this is somewhat disingenuous. The French should be fingerprinting them and running the prints through a system called Eurodac. If the person has been caught in an another European country it will show up and they can be returned there under the Dublin agreement. However most of the toerags caught in Calais have either not been caught elsewhere or the authorities have not fingerprinted them when they did.

The French therefore should consider their claim for asylum. They don't because they want Britain to do it for them. What they actually do is give them a notice to quit the territory with the fictitous name the scrote has given them. Then let them go.

I don't have a high opinion of Woolass, he is just another dead man walking, but I would like to know what the tories propose to do about this. If they were for example to return UK immigration officers to Dover where they belong and boot all the bogus asylum seekers back to France I think the public would be greatly in favour.

The Penguin said...

History shows that the French simply cannot be trusted.

Call me Infidel said...

Another triumph for the Home Office diversity program...