Monday, 23 March 2009

Why The Fuck?

Couldn't Find His Arse With Both Hands

Why the fuck does the British Taxpayer have to fund escorted flights to places like Iraq and Aghanistan and the Sudan to repatriate illegal immigrants once the money making merry-go-round of appeals and further appeals making m'learned friends like Mrs Keith Vasoline rich has finally ground to a halt?

Surely under EUSSR rules they should be returned to the country they were in before they were apprehended? In other words, France!

That's what the fucking French do, or rather, don't bother doing, as the Belgian and Dutch borders are completely porous and just an hour or so's drive away from Calais.

Maybe the useless Border Control Agency like clocking up Airmiles? Seems they like making a few quid on the side.

Meanwhile their boos, "Custard Pie" Woolas now has more egg on his face as it turns out that his much trumpeted new detention centre in Calais is merely 6 police cells replacing 6 police cells that needed replacing as a matter of routine.

The Penguin


Surrender Monkey said...

Votre Monsieur Woolas, il est quelle espece de cunt?

Call me Infidel said...

Penguin it is a bit more involved than that. As much as we might like to just boot them back to France you can't return failed asylum seekers to France unless you can prove they came from there. You wont be able to do this because the French rarely fingerprint these deadbeats (they aren't stupid like us) The escorted flights though is a total nonsense. The escorts (there are usually two) fly on commercial flights and get club class on the way back. I don't begrudge them this as the people they "escort" are generally low life scoundrels but why are we paying for commercial flights? I have set up quite a few "removals" in the past and many of the unescorted removals failed (at considerable public expense) because the dirtbag being removed kicked off. We should do as the Polish government do and get a military transport, round these people up en masse and deport by the plane load not piss around with one or two on British Airways. You wouldn't believe just how shit the Home Office is at getting rid of undesirables.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

"Quarco, who is half Ghanaian and half Liberian" You couldn't make it up.