Monday, 23 March 2009

Fame And Fortune Beckon! Fingers Crossed!!

On April 1st Jamie Pukka-Cunt Oliver and his band of ASBO-avoiders have the chance for lasting Fame and Fortune, the gratitude of every right thinking English person, and most of the known world.

They could poison every cunt at the G20 "leaders" Downing Strasse dinner being hosted by Gordon McBroon.

One hopes they will grasp this unique opportunity. Nothing too quick-acting, we'd prefer if The One-Eyed Snot Gobbler and his chums shat themselves to a slow painful death like the folk infected with C. Diff in the NHS that NuLiebore "saved".

The Penguin


Oldrightie said...

Well at least do a Blumenthal on the buggers!

Lexander said...

What a great idea. Not death but perpetual farting would be delightful.

subrosa said...

Having survived c.diff a couple of years ago and being left with lifelong health problems because of it, I entirely agree with you.

I went to hospital for a very minor op and returned with the damned infection.

sconzey said...

What's this? Incitement to commit terror? ;)

Umbongo said...

Some ExLax with the petit-fours would go down a treat and provide a robust test of the plumbing at the Excel Centre.