Thursday, 19 March 2009

Don't Rush - It'll Be Cheaper Very Soon!

Some ugly cunt pictured with Kate Garraway

Dolly Dripper has a new book out.

Life Support: A Survival Guide For The Modern Soul by Mr. Kate Garraway (Hay House, £8.99).

Look our for it in the remaindered bins along with Gordon's "Courage: I Have None"

The Penguin


Derek Draper said...

thanks for the great publicity, is it free or are you sending me an invoice?

The Penguin said...

If I thought you could afford to pay it I'd defintely send an invoice.

Chris said...

Ooooh, has Ginger Wildheart released a how-to book?

wv: grade "D-. See me."

The Krankies said...

Kate Garraway visits Care in the Community.

Anonymous said...

Who ate all the pies????

Plato said...

Mr Penguin

Just shows that he does a daily Google search of himself to see what others are taking the piss of him now.

Narcissist - pwned.

wv tutingus :O Now that sound potty mouthed to me!

Old Holborn said...

Expensive bog paper.

I'll look forwad to wiping my flanders poppy on a copy from Oxfam in three weeks time.

Dennis said...

Plato -- what did he Google? "Ugly cunt"?